Welcome to HoloViews!#

This ‘Getting Started’ guide aims to get you using HoloViews productively as quickly as possible. It is designed as an entry point for new users that will introduce the core concepts necessary to get you working productively with your own data. We recommend reading this guide in order if you wish to get an overview of what is offered by HoloViews.

For detailed documentation, please consult our User Guide which we will link to from the appropriate sections of this guide. An overview of some interesting HoloViews examples can be found in our Gallery and if you are looking for a specific component (or wish to view the available range of primitives), see our Reference Gallery.


What is HoloViews?


How to customize the visual representation.

Tabular Datasets

Introduction to working with tabular data.

Gridded Datasets

Introduction to working with array data.

Live Data

Working with dynamically generated data.