Source code for holoviews.plotting.bokeh.tabular

import param
from bokeh.models import Column
from bokeh.models.widgets import (

from ...core import Dataset, Dimension
from ...core.util import dimension_sanitizer, isdatetime
from ...element import ItemTable
from ...streams import Buffer
from ..plot import GenericElementPlot
from .plot import BokehPlot
from .selection import TabularSelectionDisplay

[docs]class TablePlot(BokehPlot, GenericElementPlot): hooks = param.HookList(default=[], doc=""" Optional list of hooks called when finalizing a plot. The hook is passed the plot object and the displayed element, and other plotting handles can be accessed via plot.handles.""") height = param.Number(default=300) selected = param.List(default=None, doc=""" The current selection as a list of integers corresponding to the selected items.""") width = param.Number(default=400) selection_display = TabularSelectionDisplay() style_opts = ['row_headers', 'selectable', 'editable', 'sortable', 'fit_columns', 'scroll_to_selection', 'index_position', 'visible'] _stream_data = True def __init__(self, element, plot=None, **params): super().__init__(element, **params) self.handles = {} if plot is None else self.handles['plot'] element_ids = self.hmap.traverse(lambda x: id(x), [Dataset, ItemTable]) self.static = len(set(element_ids)) == 1 and len(self.keys) == len(self.hmap) self.callbacks, self.source_streams = self._construct_callbacks() self.streaming = [s for s in self.streams if isinstance(s, Buffer)] self.static_source = False
[docs] def get_data(self, element, ranges, style): return ({dimension_sanitizer( element.dimension_values(d) for d in element.dimensions()}, {}, style)
[docs] def initialize_plot(self, ranges=None, plot=None, plots=None, source=None): """ Initializes a new plot object with the last available frame. """ # Get element key and ranges for frame element = self.hmap.last key = self.keys[-1] self.current_frame = element self.current_key = key style = self.lookup_options(element, 'style')[self.cyclic_index] data, _, style = self.get_data(element, ranges, style) if source is None: source = self._init_datasource(data) self.handles['source'] = self.handles['cds'] = source self.handles['selected'] = source.selected if self.selected is not None: source.selected.indices = self.selected columns = self._get_columns(element, data) style['reorderable'] = False table = DataTable(source=source, columns=columns, height=self.height, width=self.width, **style) self.handles['table'] = table self.handles['glyph_renderer'] = table self._execute_hooks(element) self.drawn = True title = self._get_title_div(self.keys[-1], '10pt') if title: plot = Column(title, table) self.handles['title'] = title else: plot = table self.handles['plot'] = plot for cb in self.callbacks: cb.initialize() return plot
def _get_columns(self, element, data): columns = [] for d in element.dimensions(): col = dimension_sanitizer( kind = data[col].dtype.kind if kind == 'i': formatter = NumberFormatter() editor = IntEditor() elif kind == 'f': formatter = NumberFormatter(format='0,0.0[00000]') editor = NumberEditor() elif isdatetime(data[col]): dimtype = element.get_dimension_type(col) dformat = Dimension.type_formatters.get(dimtype, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') formatter = DateFormatter(format=dformat) editor = DateEditor() else: formatter = StringFormatter() editor = StringEditor() column = TableColumn(field=dimension_sanitizer(, title=d.pprint_label, editor=editor, formatter=formatter) columns.append(column) return columns
[docs] def update_frame(self, key, ranges=None, plot=None): """ Updates an existing plot with data corresponding to the key. """ element = self._get_frame(key) self.param.update(**self.lookup_options(element, 'plot').options) self._get_title_div(key, '12pt') # Cache frame object id to skip updating data if unchanged previous_id = self.handles.get('previous_id', None) current_id = element._plot_id source = self.handles['source'] self.handles['previous_id'] = current_id self.static_source = (self.dynamic and (current_id == previous_id)) if (element is None or (not self.dynamic and self.static) or (self.streaming and self.streaming[0].data is and not self.streaming[0]._triggering) or self.static_source): if self.static_source and hasattr(self, 'selected') and self.selected is not None: self._update_selected(source) return style = self.lookup_options(element, 'style')[self.cyclic_index] data, _, style = self.get_data(element, ranges, style) columns = self._get_columns(element, data) self.handles['table'].columns = columns self._update_datasource(source, data)