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import numpy as np

from .. import util

def finite_range(column, cmin, cmax):
        min_inf = np.isinf(cmin)
    except TypeError:
        min_inf = False
        max_inf = np.isinf(cmax)
    except TypeError:
        max_inf = False
    if (min_inf or max_inf):
        column = column[np.isfinite(column)]
        if len(column):
            cmin = np.nanmin(column) if min_inf else cmin
            cmax = np.nanmax(column) if max_inf else cmax
            if is_dask(column):
                import dask.array as da
                if min_inf and max_inf:
                    cmin, cmax = da.compute(cmin, cmax)
                elif min_inf:
                    cmin = cmin.compute()
                    cmax = cmax.compute()
        return cmin, cmax
    if isinstance(cmin, np.ndarray) and cmin.shape == ():
        cmin = cmin[()]
    if isinstance(cmax, np.ndarray) and cmax.shape == ():
        cmax = cmax[()]
    cmin = cmin if np.isscalar(cmin) or isinstance(cmin, util.datetime_types) else cmin.item()
    cmax = cmax if np.isscalar(cmax) or isinstance(cmax, util.datetime_types) else cmax.item()
    return cmin, cmax

def get_array_types():
    array_types = (np.ndarray,)
    da = dask_array_module()
    if da is not None:
        array_types += (da.Array,)
    return array_types

def dask_array_module():
        import dask.array as da
        return da
    except ImportError:
        return None

def is_dask(array):
    da = dask_array_module()
    if da is None:
        return False
    return da and isinstance(array, da.Array)

[docs]def cached(method): """ Decorates an Interface method and using a cached version """ def cached(*args, **kwargs): cache = args[1]._cached if cache is None: return method(*args, **kwargs) else: args = (cache,)+args[2:] return getattr(cache.interface, method.__name__)(*args, **kwargs) return cached